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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Remember how Kev left me for an entire weekend so he could go to Nebraska?

In September, Kev drove with almost all of his immediate family to and from Nebraska in four days. There was a special family event so everyone piled in the rental van and trekked like pioneers (with a DVD player and lots of snacks...) to Omaha.
The Winter Quarters LDS Temple is closed for cleaning (and renovation?) but the Taylors still stopped to enjoy the beauty of the grounds. I loved looking at all the pictures Kev took of the flowers and the temple.

Left to right: Todd, Dennis, Linda, Tiffany, Darin and Kev.

The Taylor home in Omaha.

Kev and his sister Tiff all dressed up.

(I think they look so fantastic and I wish Tiff would join in the wardrobe challenge!! Even if it's only her Sunday best she shows off. Her Sunday best is pretty dang amazing!)

I'm glad Kev was able to take the time to visit with his family, and I look forward to taking the trip at a more leisurely pace someday myself. I've never seen where Kev grew up (Lincoln and Omaha) and I know he'd love to show me.

Here's to future road trips!


  1. what great pictures of the winter quarters temple! They are all so pretty, I am doing the bountiful temple i'm not a very experienced painter so hopefully i can do it some justice :)

  2. You are too kind... I am seriously considering the wardrobe challenge for Sundays..maybe.
    I do love road trips, maybe because some of my best memories are from cruising across the states with the family every year in our awesome station wagon, ha ha. It was fun to do it again, you have to come along next time though. :)

  3. Those are great pictures. I like Omaha. If you go in the warm time, I think you will like it too. It has a nice feel to it. The temple is gorgeous from the inside too. I love the Taylor home in Omaha. I would totally live in a house like that.


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