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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

There are too many overused phrases on blogs. It's starting to make me delete blogs from my Google Reader.


  1. haha, like what? now im all self conscious :]

  2. posts come in waves. someone posts something and then a handful of other bloggers copy it. i thought blogging was about writing... not plagiarism.

    and if i read one more post about how lucky someone is that their husband works SO HARD so they can be a stay at home mom, i'm going to scream. my husband works hard too, but i doubt i'll ever have that opportunity.

  3. Egad. I don't think I've copied anyone. Flip. Maybe they're copying me! That's right! Yeah. They're copying me.

  4. psf. abby, you're one of a kind. same goes for jess. it's more like i'm seeing things i've posted elsewhere. and it's slightly annoying not to get a nod for it. y'know?


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