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Friday, October 23, 2009

Suffering from some unknown ailment is not pleasant.

I'm not pregnant. I don't have mono. My pneumonia is under control. I'm not sleeping any more or less than usual. My diet hasn't changed. I exercise regularly. I drink gallons of water. I don't drink caffeine.

But I'm still so tired I find myself mentally checking out of situations early. My brain stops computing. I just can't focus. It's not a big deal when I give up watching TV or reading. It is a big deal when I'm at work and it's only 3pm but I can barely focus.

It's also an issue when I write two tiny paragraphs on my blog and then decide it's not worth continuing. I'm too tired to care.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? I'll read them later this weekend when I get my sorry tired self out of bed again.


  1. I know how you feel — a little bit. I'm getting enough sleep, but every day this week I've wanted to crawl under my desk at work and take a nap. I'm just telling myself my brain is working too hard. :)

    If you figure it out, let me know. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Get your doc to check your thyroid level. It can make you dead tired all the time if it's too low.

  3. Here is my suggestion: go the the doctor.

    The end.

    (i hope you are okay)

  4. I'd definitely go to the doctor. Get a full blood work run up, especially looking for your iron levels. Anemia is common, and can make you feel tired. I got a little anemic during pregnancy, and have had it several times while nursing, I get dizzy and tired. In the mean time, you could pick up some iron pills and take them and see if it helps. It'll take a few days for the iron to build up in your system, if that's the problem.

    But I'm not a doctor. So. There's that too. :) Hope you feel better soon! Being tired SUCKS. Literally.

  5. do you think it could be your medication? sometimes you can have weird reactions to them, or another kind could work better. i've been on welbutrin for 4 years, and the last couple of years i've added 50mg of zoloft a day just to supplement it. you might just want to talk to your doctor, because it does kind of sound depression related. good luck, and feel better!!

  6. wow, thanks for all feedback! if only i had active insurance. if i don't recover this weekend, then i might consider forking over the dough to pay out of pocket for a visit to the dr.

  7. Hey, I couldn't help but comment when I saw this. I saw someones suggestion of anemia-I've been there and it makes a huge difference getting some iron in you. Another thing that was making my mom and I really tired was low vitamin D. I started taking some really high doses and felt a lot more energetic in about a week. You can get vit. D in lots of over the counter supplement/vitamin stuff. Iron can be a little harder to absorb if you're really low, but there are some tips for what to eat with it to help. I'd start with vitamin D though. Just a thought! :)

  8. You could have sleep apnea...where you stop breathing at points during the night and that can make you wicked tired...check it out maybe?!

  9. It could be the time of year, fewer hours of sunlight. You could go fake bake for 10 min and see if that helps. Or it could just be life in general. I've kind of had a similar thing for over a year now. No fun. I agree with most everything else that has been said, go see a doc if it isn't better soon. No insurance does suck major though.


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