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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Turns out all I needed was some spiritual refreshment.

In July 2008, I read an article from Ensign magazine that I have referenced before. It is a talk from Elder Hales about President Eyring. While sitting in my little Pink House reading that article, I was moved. I was motivated. I was challenged. I didn't know how I was going to change my life, but I knew i was going to work on it.

Elder Hales tells the story of a young President Eyring who isn't sure what to do with his education and future career. His father challenged him to determine what it is he thinks about when he doesn't have to think about anything. That would allow him to find his own direction without being persuaded by his peers or family into any one certain field.

Although President Eyring wasn't passionate about the physics degree he had started, he still decided to finish it. Upon returning home from military service, he went into business administration and found his place in teaching.

I feel like I've followed a similar path. I didn't want to do anything directly related to my English/Sales degree, but it was something that I knew I could and should complete. I knew a degree would be important in my future, and it has already proven true just two years after graduating.

Like President Eyring, I took time away from my studies before I realized what I actually like to do. And now I'm doing it. I'm getting the education required to do it well and do it as a career. I'm happy.

Since reading that article, I've made a special place in my heart for President Eyring. I feel more connected to him as a leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I feel like he's my apostle, my leader. He spoke today for Stake Conference via satellite to over 66 Stakes of Northern Utah. He reminded those gathered that we must work for our success and happiness. If we put the Lord first, the rest will follow.

I believe that is true. I've seen it happen in my own life. When I make sacrifices for my beliefs, I find the rewards are much greater than what I sacrificed. And I'm glad I have a buddy like President Eyring to remind me it's always worth it.


  1. From what i was able to watch of stake conference i really enjoyed, our pioneer heritage worked so hard for what we have today and i think hard work is nessisary to appreciate what we've been blessed with.

  2. I love Pres. Eyring too. He did say some really great things today, didn't he? I saw him once at Dick's Market in Bountiful, and I just about peed my pants. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Glad you found a spiritual pick-me-up. Elder Eyring is pretty rad.


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