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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wear to Work Challenge, Day 16

shirt: target
cords: aeropostale
shoes: dsw (rocket dog)

in other news, the water heater at the pink house has been out since last night at 9. please note that i hate hate hate cold showers. maddie got the last of the hot water when i bathed her last night. lucky jerk.


  1. your so cute! come over anytime and i'll teach you all i know about knitting and crocheting, which unfortunately isn't much but its something to start out with :)

  2. Okay, so I'm a bad blogger friend. But here's the thing with your Wear to Work Challenge posts: if I were to comment on them, I would be saying the same thing every time, which would be this: "You're freaking adorable."

    And yes, there were two colons in that sentence.

    So I'm commenting on this one, but it's kind of supposed to be in response to all of them.

  3. z- thanks for the offer! i think when i finish my real estate course... (never!!)... i'll learn myself a new hobby with you. and we can stare at new baby boy all the while and just gush over how handsome he is while we knit.

    a- thanks for commenting!! i take no offense if you decline to leave a note on every single solitary outfit post. i totally get it :)


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