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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What goes around comes around

A very thoughtful friend gave me a $70 coupon to put toward a new Dell computer. I was thrilled because Kev promised to buy me a mini/netbook when I finished my coursework for my sales agent license. I haven't taken all my tests yet, but for some reason Kev decided it was ok for us to start browsing computers already. He's the greatest.

Anyway. While shopping for a good deal, we actually found a floor model Dell Netbook for super cheap. So cheap that it was a better deal to buy in a store without the coupon (which is only good on the Dell website) than to use the coupon on a brand-new computer.

I don't want the $70 coupon to go to waste. So please comment here before midnight (MST) on Sunday, October 11th and you'll be entered to win the coupon. It is transferable via email, so even international readers (hi Canada!) are eligible.

One comment per person please. I also have another favor to ask of you: please spread the word! This month is my two-year blogging anniversary and I'd love to offer this giveaway to all readers, new and old.

Thank you and good luck!


  1. I would love a $70 coupon! Since we are downsizing we need to get rid of our whole shibang. L shaped desk and all! We're going for laptop soon so we can make room for a crib and such!

  2. We could use a new computer. My computer is ridiculously slow and we definitely need more memory (pictures and videos take up so much space), so a new computer would definitely come in handy. I could also bribe you with my cookies. I could make you an entire batch of cookie dough (which makes about 60 cookies) and bring it over to you so that you can make cookies whenever you want. ;)

  3. Who couldn't use a $70 coupon? Sign me up!

  4. i dont need anything from dell, but i'll "apply" for the B&BW coupon! :] yay for giveaways!


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