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Friday, November 20, 2009

Arrant rant

What is the difference between "sponsoring" and "advertising?"

I think in general marketing terms, a sponsor is someone who endorses an event or person, and the connotation is such that it's not like the sponsor is foaming at the mouth for attention. Yes, being a sponsor is a way to advertise one's own business or self, but primarily we sponsor something out of the goodness of our sweet little hearts. We want that something or someone to thrive with help from our contribution.

To advertise is to call attention to one's self or business through some form of marketing. I think of it as creating an ad to air on TV or radio, or a visual to display on a billboard or blog. As the business, you pay to have the word spread about your products/services.

So why does a blog that does nothing to mention your monetary contribution want to refer to you as a sponsor? What are you sponsoring? Are you sponsoring someone who blogs for a living? Are you sponsoring someone who blogs for the heck of it and managed to get ridiculously popular? Are you sponsoring an Anthropolige obsession, daily diet cokes, and Cafe Rio runs?

Personally, when I pay to have my business posted on someone else's blog I want to be referred to as an advertiser. That is exactly what I'm doing. I'm advertising for myself. I'm paying to benefit from someone else's popularity. I may very much love the blogger who accepts my ad, but I'm not really sponsoring that person. I'm sponsoring ME!

I know I've asked about ads before, and how you feel about having them on your own blog, but what are your thoughts on this subject? If you had the opportunity to market your business/services on someone's blog, what would you want to be called? Are you as sick of reading the words "lovely sponsor" as I am?

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  1. i guess i never really thought about it before. honestly i thought they were the same thing. but now that youve put it this way i agree with you. advertising is the way to go.


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