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Monday, November 09, 2009

I know this bugs you too.

I absolutely hate being interrupted when I'm trying to explain something to someone.

It's understandable that the other person wants to be heard and to explain their side of the story. But how am I supposed to help if I'm not allowed to complete a full sentence?

Being interrupted like that makes me want to stay silent on my end of the conversation until the other person realizes they're talking to themselves. It's pretty satisfying when they finally stop gabbing and ask if I'm still on the line. And then I ask if I'm permitted to speak now.

Thankfully, there's a remedy for frustration in my office. We serve pie every day of the work week. Having a slice after a particularly unpleasant phone call always picks me up.

And that is why I'm interviewing to teach more Pilates classes. I get so many unpleasant phone calls that I need to exercise more.

Vicious cycle.


  1. pie is definately something i could eat everyday, i just am not quite sure how my body would take it though. Good thing working out helps so much with stress, i hope your interviews go great!

  2. how did you know it bugged me too? you must be pyschic!

    and i am convinced pie is the answer to all of lifes problems.


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