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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I love my little nerdy-kins.

Being a nerd myself (hello, English major?) I feel justified in calling Kev a nerd. I appreciate all the different sides to my husband- handyman, avid reader, nerd, mechanic, nerd, music-lover, musician, nerd...

He is a fan of The Wheel of Time series, and has been for years. The most recent installment has just been released by an old friend of one of Kev's brothers. The author of the original 11 books recently passed away (Robert Jordan), so Brandon Sanderson has taken on the daunting task of organizing 4 million words' worth of notes.


Monday evening after work we sped to Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore on 2nd South and Main in SLC. It's an incredible bookstore. I loved the atmosphere, even if it was thick with nerds.

I had no clue what was being discussed during the Q&A, but I politely smiled and supported Kev and his fellow nerds. We waited in line for over an hour for the book signing. That's how much I love Kev. The worst part about waiting for so long was the fact that the line snaked through the following categories of books: Economics; American History; Presidential Biographies; Socialism; Marxism... Basically nothing I am currently interested in right now.

Despite the time spent standing in line with 40lb books, I had fun with Kev. He is so excited about this series and I'm happy to return the book signing favor. If he can sit through a pregnant lady's reading and Q&A, then I can sit through a nerd man's presentation.

Besides, I'm very lucky that Kev's hotness outweighs his nerdiness.


  1. I would just like to point out that nerds are pretty awesome. It is true. And how awesome that a few hours standing in line made his day? cause it made mine to stand all night at the front of the line, with the author. It was awesome. I am glad you guys came and that Kev got to enjoy the reading.

  2. If Brian even WANTED to go to anything literary I would die and go to heaven.

  3. I'm glad we made it too, even though we were late... that bookstore is awesome! And Brandon is SUCH a nice person. I told my sister to look for him at BYU after the book tours.

    I'm so lucky Kev loves books as much as I do. Even if we don't love all the same genres.


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