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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I thought peacocks were only in the zoo.

When Kev went outside to start the grill on Sunday he spotted a peacock across the street on a neighbor's roof top.
He said North Ogden is crawling with wild peacocks but I never knew that. I never thought about peacocks being in the wild. Seriously, aren't they just in the zoo?
The bird disappeared during the course of Kev's grilling, and then it showed up on the other side of our fence! Kev said he was really fast.
Isn't that neat? A peacock right in my very own neighborhood.


  1. i miss the wild turkeys from PA. Did you have them in Maine? We told our dog to "go get the bird" one day, and that turkey spread his wings (huge) and stopped the dog in her tracks. it was awesome.

    Ah, sometimes I really miss the East.

  2. Sweet! You should follow it to find a lost feather. Put it on a headband. Or a necklace...

  3. Oh, that is way cool!!!! It must mean something - a colorful experience is coming your way?

  4. I didnt know there was wild peacocks either. Thats pretty cool.

  5. We had some in our backyard in Bountiful once. I think they were someone's pet that escaped and they were female so they weren't very pretty to look at. They make a crazy noise though and pooped all over our yard. It is still pretty cool to say that we had peacocks in our backyard, and now you & I can share one more thing in common.


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