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Monday, November 16, 2009

It's all kind of a blur

Yesterday I kidnapped a 1.5 year old girl and left Kev at church without telling him where I was going. I put little girl K in my neighbor's car and drove home with her chattering in the backseat about Maddie.

A short while later Kev showed up at our house with our car and he noticed the little person with me. I promised him it was all legit. Our neighbor did in fact see me drive off with her kid in her car.

Satisfied with my story, Kev grilled some burgers while little girl K and I looked out the window to watch. Y'know, because it was 20 degrees outside and we're not crazy. She loved waving at Kev and petting Maddie, who insisted on sitting next to her the whole time.

Dinner was great. Although, we put the kidnapped girl on a big-person chair and watched her slide around a lot while trying to eat Goldfish crackers. And somehow she was using her feet against the table to tilt back on only two legs of the chair. And then, of course, she wanted a bite of my delicious hamburger.

I gave her a substantial piece to chew up and spit out and then I asked Kev how to do the Heimlich on a little person. He looked at me and said he's not certified for that. I told him that if he ever has to give the Heimlich to a chid, he should just wing it. Use two fingers instead of a fist, right?

So. It looks like I need to get a booster seat and learn the little person version of the Heimlich in order to feel competent the next time I babysit kidnapped children after church.

Good to know.

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  1. hahaha, that is so cute. Sounds like you had fun. You know, you could just use phonebooks, duct taped together and that would work as a booster seat.


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