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Monday, November 23, 2009

It's not like I'm the kind of person who really likes to plan out my entire life or anything.

I have my MRI scheduled for Wednesday. The hip doctor thinks I may have a torn labrum or a misaligned fiber in my hip joint.

The week after my MRI I'll meet with my hip doctor to discuss any findings.

If there is a fibrous issue, I'll get a scope of my hip to remove the tear or attempt to keep the fiber in alignment.

If nothing shows up on the MRI, nothing can be done. If the scope doesn't fix what might show up on the MRI, nothing can be done.

I've been advised to modify my lifestyle in order to avoid the fibrous issue that pops my hip and incapacitates me. So... since sometimes sitting in a chair triggers the problem, I guess I'm going to learn to stand up for the rest of my life. Also, sometimes bending down to unhook Maddie's leash triggers the problem, so I guess I'm no longer going to do that either. Oh yeah, and sometimes just standing there doing nothing triggers the problem...

I hate my stupid hip.


  1. Well I am keeping you in my prayers for the next week then. I hope it is something that can be fixed. I had my knee scoped once, it wasn't horrible.

  2. major bummer!! i hope everything works out okay, i'll be thinking of you on wednesday!

  3. ugh! Sorry liv! But congrats on the class!! Yay!

  4. There's a girl at my workplace who had her cubicle modified so that she could stand to type whenever she wanted. Maybe your office will do the same! It might help take some pressure off?


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