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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Just another reason to eat good food and sit around talking.

Zjani is my hairdresser as well as my friend. It's definitely a win-win for me. As well as being a hairdresser and my friend, Zjani is also a mom and a mom-to-be. She's having a boy this month so we put together a casual baby shower to celebrate and snack on good food. I brought her daughter a tea set to keep her occupied and keep her from feeling left out while Zjani opened all her presents.

She's one of those really cute pregnant girls who just get a belly that pops but everything else stays the same! It was fun to visit with her and her friends to chat and open presents. I got to see our friend-in-common Carrie, and meet Zjani's friend Bonnie:

I've had the pleasure of meeting Em before, but Amy is another friend of Zjani's I got to meet today:

I can think of no better way to spend a Saturday morning. We had fresh-baked PB cookies, pumpkin cookies, and home-made bread with fruit on the side. I forget how nice it is to have girl time and talk about family and snuggle little onesies.

I'm so glad Zjani opened her home up to us and let us crash on her couches for a couple of hours to relax and celebrate life. It was so much fun that I think she should get pregnant again so we can have another party.


  1. you look absolutely adorable!

    glad the shower was a success!!

  2. i think that you should get pregnant sometime soon so we can have another girls get together/shower! I'm gonna steal these pics off of the blog, i never got the ones sent in the e-mail but i may have been hasty and deleted them by accident cuz i get so much junk mail. The shower was great and i love getting together with all my girl friends and being able to chat about girl stuff.


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