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Thursday, November 05, 2009

My dad always told me life isn't fair. He was right.

I did some math one night (shocking, I know). I calculated something that is a bit depressing.

There's a blogger out there on the Internet who charges a hefty rate for a monthly "sponser" space on her page. If you multiply the number of "sponsers" by that monthly rate, this blogger makes more from ads than I do working full-time for a month.

I'm going to go cry in the corner now.

What are your thoughts on ads? I'm personally all about using ads on the blog. My problem is maximizing those ads. Do you have any tips and tricks? What has worked well for you on your own blog?

It's gong to take a while for me to get over the fact that I can't write a blog and make enough money to quit working full-time. *sigh*


  1. that is cuckoo. i need to improve my blog so i can get some money from it haha. yikes...

  2. Wow thats pretty amazing and very depressing.

  3. I think about those bloggers and how much work they put into their sites — not just in their writing, but the EMOTIONAL work, and it exhausts me. It exhausts me just THINKING about it. That is the clear sign to me that I cannot ever blog like "they" blog.

    But Livia, you could. You have the energy. Seriously.

  4. I'm kind of torn. I use my blog as a personal tool to get out all of the writing inside me. If people want to read it, so be it, but it's not for them. It's for me.

    That being said,I'm not against using a blog as a means for income. But I think the lines should be clearly drawn. Your motivations should always be obvious. If you're going to write for a living like a journalist, you should be transparent like a journalist.

    Says the former journalist. :)


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