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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A new perspective

Last night I came home from work with visions of goals being accomplished. I got the mail, I let Maddie outside and came back into the house ready to put away dishes and laundry, and finish cleaning the house.

I bent down to wipe Maddie's muddy feet and my hip went out. I dropped the mail and unhooked Maddie from her leash. I tested my hip without success. So I sat on the steps at the back of the house and cried.

Kev was working all day in Bountiful with a friend, and he was scheduled to work for his mom at the University until late. The doors of the house were locked, so even if someone was available to help, there was no way to let them in. I could not get off the floor.

After half an hour of laying on the floor, I managed to crawl into the kitchen to feed Maddie. If she doesn't eat on time, she throws up. I didn't want to add vomit to the predicament. Thankfully, she held up despite my incapacitated state. I even managed to put some noodles in a tupperware and heat them in the microwave for my own dinner. There's nothing like preparing food on the floor to get one's appetite going.

After the successful dining experience on the floor, Maddie followed my sorry crawling butt to the living room, at which point I was able to get myself onto the couch, where I sat for the rest of the night in pain. Don't even get me started on how hard it was to go to the bathroom. Toilets are so far off the ground!

I visited an orthopedic surgeon last year at this time, but x-rays only revealed arthritis in my knee. No problems could be identified in my hip. I was scheduled to have an MRI, but I couldn't afford it. And there was no guarantee that the MRI would actually find anything. I've been taking glucosamin with chondroitin for the last year and have felt improvements in my knee and shoulders. The hip, not so much.

It's probably time to start an MRI fund because I can no longer handle being stuck on the floor while home alone. Maddie didn't like it either. Home girl needs her food on time, dang it!


  1. Holy sh!t, that's terrifying. I can't even imagine. I hope you're feeling better today, and that you can find the resources to get this problem solved.

  2. Oh Liv, that sounds terrible I am so sorry. I hope your able to get it looked at and taken care of soon.

  3. That really sucks. My brother is a doctor in Layton that deals with physical therapy and stuff like that. He might be able to help you and tell you if you need a surgery or what not. He works at the Tanner Clinic, but I don't know if they take your insurance. His name is Ben Humpherys. It is worth a shot. Call or text me if you have questions. I really hope you can get the help you need. Good luck! Call us if you ever need help getting off the floor. I would be happy to come right over and help out.

  4. Ouch dude. I hope you are feeling better. If I lived closer, I would have come and helped you out.

  5. yikes to bad hips!

    should we start a fundraiser? we can make necklaces until our fingers bleed! wait... that part doesn't sound so fun.


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