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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Next year she'll try out for Varsity.

One week ago Kev, Maddie and I walked the Ogden River Parkway. Big surprise, right? Only, this time we went west instead of east. SURPRISE!!

We climbed down the embankment and found this little hide-away.

I tried to get Maddie to climb into the drain but I guess she's not stupid. She refused. So we decided to move on and keep walking to the grassy part of the park.

This is where Maddie made it known that she has mad skills. She's a champion leaf catcher! Who knew?

I think she looks like a flying squirrel. That's my girl!

I can't believe I'm still smiling at this point. I had slipped into the water with my mesh shoes and was very cold and slightly wet.

I guess you can forget those unpleasantness when you spend an afternoon at the park with your family.

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