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Friday, November 06, 2009

Pray, He is there.

I sat in my car for a couple of minutes on Wednesday morning before heading to work. I do this on chilly mornings so I can let my engine warm up. It's also a good time to compose myself before getting into my work mindset.

While the car hummed I decided to use the time to offer up a little prayer. I asked God to help me meet all my challenges with kindness today. I wanted to have the patience and willpower to be kind to every client with whom I would interact that day.

Sometimes I get exasperated and my tone reveals that to a caller. Other times it's hard to smile when a difficult client comes in upset about late fees. I don't always deal with these situations appropriately.

So my little prayer was offered in hopes that God would help me be a better person. I know that when I am lacking, God is happy to make up the difference. I just have to ask.

It was a successful day. And not because it wasn't stressful. I told my co-worker that if one more thing was asked of me, my brain would melt out my ears. But despite feeling frantic about everything on my list of things to do, I greeted every client with a good attitude. Even when I had to repeat myself 7 times to the lady who just couldn't understand the message I was trying to convey.

There will be other days when no matter how hard I try I won't be successful 100% (like today). But it's the trying part that counts. As long as I'm making an effort to be a better person, I'll feel pretty darn good.

Eating 4 mini kit kats for dinner is also a good way to lift one's spirits at the end of a long day.


  1. AMEN. To all of it. p.s. I'm almost done with season 3!

  2. I find the car to be a prayerful place too! :)


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