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Monday, December 14, 2009

Behind door number one-

While putting away Kev's laundry, I covered the heat vent with his jacket. I didn't want it blowing in my face as I put things in dresser drawers. Maddie made use of the heat tent and went in face-first to partake of its goodness.

She does this all over the house- she finds a vent and passes out as the heat blasts her.

Love that dog.


  1. I used to do that with blankets. Just plop down on top of a nice heat vent and make a little sweat hut all for myself.

  2. so cute. jay-z does that under our couch. theres a vent underneath and we call it the sauna. "where's jay-z?" "check the sauna!"

  3. This is hilarious and made me smile!


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