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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Did you know that Dooce monetized the hate on her blog? She made a butt-load of money.

"This is called adult life. I work 50 hours a week, buy my own groceries in my free time, and I too have certifications for my work to study for. I have an apartment I would like to keep clean and laundry I would like to stay on top of. I have to find energy to make dinner at the end of the day and get up early and go running.

I too, would like a husband with a job that would enable me to stay at home, to be a mom. I don't even have a husband.

You have a home. You have a husband. You have SO MUCH. Why do you spend so much of your blog talking about how someone at work didn't write out a phone number just so, or how you hate saying the same thing over and over again on the phone. Even the positive posts - The Forgotten Carols, have time dedicated to how the lighting wasn't up to your exacting standards.

I challenge you to write two full weeks of posts without anything negative in them. Every life is a mix of positive and negative, and you have every right to share all parts of your life with your blog readers, really, you do. It's your blog, and of course, no one has to read it. But I've been reading your blog for months now, and I really like you. You're funny, you're clever, you're talented. So share that with us. Just for a few weeks, share just the joy. Help us to do the same in our lives.

(I don't anticipate you posting this comment, have no fear. I just have felt this on my heart for a couple of weeks and needed to share.)

December 8, 2009 9:59 AM "

Dear anonymous commenter from Washington D.C. who works for the Department of Transportation:

If I could up the dose of my meds, I totally would.

And seriously, please keep coming back.


  1. "I just have felt this on my heart for a couple of weeks and needed to share."

    So the anonymous commenter gets to share, but you're not allowed to?!?! That hardly seems fair, seeing as how it is your blog.

    Sure this is adult life. Whoop-de-doo! Adult life's not rosy and positive all the time and sometimes we get exhausted and need to vent a little. A blog is as fine a place as any to do just that.

    Sometimes the people who read our exasperated venting are sympathetic and send some positivity our way to help us get back on track. Thank God for those people. Listen to those people.

    Ignore the rest.

  2. I'm still hung up on that whole thing about Dooce. How did she make money off haters?

  3. And another thing...
    I was just thinking yesterday about how taking care of a house, a husband, and a yard is a full time job in and of itself. I remembered back when I was working and how hard and exhausting it was for me to stay on top of everything. I was often irritable, often tired, and didn't much feel like being falsely chipper on my blog for two weeks straight.

    Just sayin...

  4. Andi- I know I've felt the way this commenter feels... but I don't go around complaining that people compain too much!

    Abby- I think Dooce gets paid to put ads up on any site that's hers... so when traffic flooded her "monetize the hate" page, she got big bucks! And I think she donated all the money to a shelter and/or used it to help family visit Utah for a funeral. 'Atta girl!

  5. Keep postin' whatever you feel like, Liv. It's life! And where else do you get to unload? Huh? That's what it's all about.

    Also, yes, Dooce put up the hate emails she got on a separate page, and made money. :) Too bad it's down now, because it was quite hilarious to read.

  6. Hey, I complain on my blog and get all kinds of hate mail, it just means that you are loved. I agree my blog is a place to vent and to let out the bits and pieces of things that are floating in my head. You have every right. Enjoy that freedom! I often feel like I get negative on my blog and add in some positive pieces, but the blog is for you and you need to be happy with it. Not anyone else.

  7. i complain a lot sometimes. i mean, like my recent post about being frazzled. honestly, i havent picked up on it on your blog. we all have tough times and what is the harm of putting it on our personal blog? thats what its for. i like your response :]

    ps--how do you know where theyre from and their job? or did you make that up? i want to learn cool blogger secrets! haha

  8. Jess- Google Analytics can identify where a person came from, and I'm pretty sure that the anon commenter is the person who used the US Dept of Transportation's internet connection in D.C. to access my blog this morning. It's just a guess, but I wanted to make a point that no one should hide behind anonymity when stating an opinion.

  9. Hi there Liv, I know you don't know me, and I don't know you but I found your blog via Nichole's so I am sure you are fabulous! I agree that a blog is yours to do with as you please, obviously and if people don't like what they read there is one very easy solution, don't read. With that being said, I have a dear friend who ONLY writes negative things, about her family and life in general on her blog and FB. I have thought about just not reading, but she has moved away and this is the only connection we have. I have pondered on what positive influence I might be to her, with little success. I pray for her and her family but I constantly hope for more happiness for her. I have wondered if there is something I could say or do but nothing seems right. While your situation is much different from my friend's and however misguided I think that your commenter was attempting to voice their concern and love for you. Just my 2 cents...sorry if I am sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong.

  10. i use google analytics but i guess i don't know it well enough to figure that out. i will keep learning the ropes :] and you have a good point about the anonymity. go liv!

  11. Liz- maybe a phone call to your friend would give her something more positive to write about? I understand that negative blogs are no fun to read, but maybe it's the only way some ppl know how to reach out. Your friend is probably dying for someone to call her or send her a letter in the mail or reach out just beyond an internet connection.

    Personally? I don't feel like my blog is a negative place on the internet. I browsed my posts this month and did not find as much negativity as Anon pointed out. And maybe if Anon knew me for real, and not just what I write on my blog, she'd think I'm doing a damn good job at keeping most of my crazy off the internet! hahahaha

  12. I agree that it's your damn blog and you can write whatever you want, and I know better than anyone that writing is an excellent way to release frustration. Really, this commenter was pretty out of line, particularly being anonymous. I'm sorry her life is hard, but that's something SHE should deal with, not you.

    However, under all that sadness, she has a point: it wouldn't kill ANY of us to be more positive. Not falsely so, of course, but to take a few seconds more each day to focus on happiness.

    Too bad she had such a sh!tty way of expressing this.

  13. Now that this has calmed down, I will post this quietly.

    I'm sorry you chose to take that as hate mail, it wasn't intended as such. And I'm sorry that I came across as having a hard life, I don't. I have a good job, a great apartment and a family I love very much. I have a supportive church and am greatly blessed. What I was trying to express (and perhaps failed at completely, sorry, there appears to be an awkward paragraph break that makes me look rather pitiful, apparently) was that sometimes it's healthy to express our frustrations and sometimes it's healthy to focus on the great things in our lives.

    For example, I can choose to focus on my family rather than my singleness, or the fact that I have a good steady job rather than the fact that I'm no longer in grad school. I guess I was trying to say that everyone has things in their lives that we can complain about that might be exactly what other people wish they had. Sometimes I'm sure my sisters with young children wish they had my freedom to up and leave town, and sometimes I wish I had young children to tie me down.

    I'm not going to belabor the point, because I obviously chose the wrong way to express this to you. I am going to stay anonymous, but I will let you know that I live and work in the Midwest, and I am sincerely sorry I said anything.

  14. ohhh, the drama! you've made it now, sistah!

    like i have already said to you... keep writing however the heck you want to. it's your blog! and i love it!


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