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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't get between a man and his fried chicken.

For my company Christmas dinner, my boss hosted all of us at Maddox in Perry, UT. I told you I have a great boss. I really do work for a great company. I have fantastic co-workers and great hours. We enjoy so many perks that remind us we're valued employees.

The dinner at Maddox was no exception. All the food was so delicious and it's always fun to spend time with co-workers outside the office. I especially love seeing Lesley's new baby whenever I can.

As we were all enjoying our meals, Kev decided to take a break from his prime rib and eat my fried chicken. Maddox is known for its rib and friend chicken. Famously known for rib and fried chicken. I'm telling you, this chicken is so good that Kev accidentally cut my thumb with his steak knife as he helped himself to my plate of food. The chicken is so good that Kev didn't even believe me when I told him he cut my thumb with his steak knife. The chicken is so good that before going to get me a bandaid, Kev put his forkful of chicken into his mouth.

The chicken is that good.

It only gets better. Most of us opted to take our desserts home with us since we were stuffed with the main course. As Kev and I drove home, I couldn't resist the temptation of my boxed up cheesecake. The dollop of whipped cream on top was calling out to me.

I'm the luckiest girl alive because I had a plastic spoon in my purse. There I was, telling Kev that I wished we had utensils in the car when I suddenly remembered my spoon. That cheesecake tasted so good as we drove through Brigham City and talked about Jeep Comanches.

It's a Christmas miracle!


  1. hahaha, that is so funny. Men and food. Maddox is so good. My family used to go there on special occasions. My grandpa loved that place. Their rootbeer is amazing! I haven't tried their cheesecake though. I bet it was way good.

  2. i've never been there, but from the sound of it, i just might have to go!

    and sorry about your thumb! this story is awesome, though. and hip hip for christmas miracles :D

  3. Alissa- I don't even like rootbeer, but when I tasted Kev's I was impressed. It's so good!

    Mary- definitely try to visit Maddox! It's worth the drive.


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