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Friday, December 11, 2009

I write, therefore I am.

By nature, I don't categorize myself as an optimistic person. I do have to work at outwardly sharing optimism with others. In therapy, I reminded my brain how to see the bright side of things in order to overcome a lot of the challenges faced while Kev was unemployed at the beginning of the year. My own work situation at the time was overwhelming too, so therapy combined with medication proved useful in helping me find my happiness again.

As of late, there have been some significant personal events that have upset the methods I've been using to find my happiness. It may be showing in my writing to some of you readers. Others may not have noticed. I myself haven't noticed a significant increase in sarcasm or negativity. But it's not my nature to stop those elements from showing up in my personality so I'm not the best judge.

It's been an eventful week here, hasn't it? Perhaps I'll inundate you next week with posts that explain all the reasons I love my life. Perhaps I'll share posts that remind you adult life is hard, and I feel your pain. Perhaps I'll just post 600 photos of Maddie.

To me, the uncertainty is the best part about blogging. I don't know who will read what I write. I don't know what I'll write. I just go with the flow. Blogging is something that almost never stresses me out.

Blogging is a tricky thing, isn't it though? It's hard to really know the person who's writing. It's hard to really know the readers. I do appreciate all of you who stop by, and I hope that you'll keep visiting and commenting and sharing your opinions. Although I don't believe an opinion should ever be submitted anonymously, I still allow it. Not everyone wants to associate themselves with their opinions, and I can't change that. Just know that there are always other readers of this site who have no qualms boldly voicing their own followup opinions. Sometimes even more than once.


  1. well said. i think you are a great writer, and i love that you arent fake. that is one quality that drives me crazy, and has led me to stop reading some peoples' blogs. plus, i feel that through blogging we've become better friends, which i like :] so keep on truckin girl! ♥

  2. just fyi...I think your blog is great. I follow it through FB sometimes and I enjoy reading well-written articles about life. don't change :)

  3. I want to know more about this hard time you are having and what I can do for you.


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