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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ready for a vacation.

What if, instead of making the left-hand turn that takes me to work, I went straight to the Interstate instead?

I don't know where I'd go... but it'd just be kind of nice to switch up the routine. Maybe I could just go to IKEA and sit on couches eating Swedish meatballs all day.

That'd be fun.


  1. As part of a "get healthy at work" program last summer, I was given a list of ways to de-stress. Most of them were obvious, like "breathe deeply" and "practice yoga." But one really surprised me and stuck with me: "Take a new route to work."

    So, to protect your mental health, I say you go to IKEA. :D

  2. My trip to IKEA would be a bit longer than yours, but I'm willing to ditch work with you if you decide to do so. :)

    I'm so ready for a vacation — even though I took Monday off. I've decided taking one day off doesn't count when the day after is horrible enough for two days.


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