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Friday, December 18, 2009

Simple pleasures

I'm home sick today. I should say I came home sick today. After two hours at work I realized I was not going to successfully carry out a full day.

I've been snuggling with my puppy and a Sprite all afternoon. My favorite thing is to see Maddie get up from her blanket nest and stretch her hairy little chin up to the ceiling. She notices someone walking by and starts to growl but it ends in a yawn. It's so precious that I can forgive her heinous dog-food breath.

Unfortunately I have to kick it back into high gear soon because there is so much going on this weekend. My siblings are having our Secret Santa exchange tomorrow and there is a requisite Saturday trip to Lowe's scheduled as well. Plus I have to visit IKEA so Kev can try out a couch I love. All the festivities and chores need to be done in time for me and Kev to get back up to Ogden before 4pm so Kev can work a show at WSU.

Perhaps I can have a Sprite drip installed to help calm my stomach while I get things done. Or maybe I can sneak a few bites of the homemade bread that's baking for a party this evening. Nothing like food made with love to make a body feel better!

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