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Monday, December 07, 2009

You can thank me later.

Go see "The Blindside" if you haven't already.

There's minimal crying, I promise. And Sandra Bullock does one heck of a job playing a southern interior designer with a heart of gold.

Best part about the movie? It's based on a true story so you can walk away feeling happy that some kid really did make it out of the projects. I love a movie with substance.


  1. Vince + I saw this a few weeks ago and LOVED it! It is such a great movie, we highly recommend it as well.

  2. i saw this when i was in utah for thanksgiving. loved sandra bullock's character.

  3. I loved it too. Such a good story and moral. True Christianity at its best. I loved that he wasn't teased much either (although he was ignored a little). I hate movies where people are ridiculed like that.


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