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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I do believe it's possible that you can have too much of a good thing.

I'm not talking about Twizzlers today.

Currently, I have a calling in my ward to teach a class to teachers. It's called Teacher Development, and it's my responsibility to present information to all the teachers to help us all be better at what we've been called to do.

The course is only 12 lessons long. So, you may assume that it should only take me 12 weeks, give or take a few, to get through it.

Oh so wrong. I've been teaching the course for 15 weeks and I'm only up to Lesson 7. The hiccup is that I have to teach each lesson three times so all the teachers can rotate through and participate. The best part is that I teach during the regular 3-hour block of church and after church is over.

Do you think we get extra blessings for staying an additional 35 minutes after already attending 3 hours of church?

Let me tell you, by the time the fourth hour of church rolls around I'm so hungry I'm afraid I might eat my chalk. My block of church runs from 11-2. That's prime eating time, folks! Add a fourth hour and by the time I'm done I don't know whether I'm going home to eat lunch or dinner or non-stop until I can't take no more.

Thankfully, some of my cohorts observed the absurdity of me teaching each lesson three times. I think that next week I get to teach only once. And yes, it will be after church, but I'll just bring some more crackers to snack on throughout the initial 3-hour block.

Don't judge me when you see me munching away during Sacrament meeting.


  1. Extra blessings, for sure. Also, there is no shame in bringing food to church while pregnant! I swear I brought something to eat every week that first trimester, and then off and on the rest of the time. And a water bottle. Caleb used to have these half hour meetings after church and you never knew when they would be, and one time it last an hour. I had one last mini butterfinger (it was right before i had him, just after halloween) and i thought i might die on that couch. :) good luck! and munch on, sister. :)

  2. Hey pregnant ladies totally get to snake during church. I dare you to bring a granola bar. I'm glad they have finally figured out how to do your class. I hope you wont have to teach this class for forever. Just think what an amazing teacher you will be after this.

  3. We have Sacrament Meeting last, and I used to make Paddy run home during Sunday School to make me a PB & J every week. Don't ask why I didn't plan ahead...

  4. Yes, pregnant ladies are 100% allowed to bring snacks and munch along with the best of the toddlers during sacrament meeting (and others). However, I must warn you that in my ward, as soon as I pulled out the Saltines, some "PREGNANT LADY" alarm went off and suddenly, everyone knew. Apparently it's a dead giveaway. So just know that if you haven't started spreading the news around the good ol' wardies yet, the crackers may just do it for you.

  5. Yeah, at 7 weeks I snuck a cracker and that very day my visiting teacher came over and asked me if I was expecting.

    I just go ahead and eat whatever I want whenever I want and let the rumors fly!

  6. Pregnant or not, going four hours over your lunch hour with no lunch is re-donk-ulous. If I don't eat by 1:30 p.m., I get cranky as a hot mule.

    For the love of all things holy (literally, in this case), EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT, WHENEVER YOU WANT!

  7. Being prego = Break rules and no one will care. Live it up!

  8. Hey I'm not even pregnant and I snack during church, you go for it girl!


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