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Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's all a blur

I'm not really sure what Kev and I have done this week that's of much interest. I seem to recall a lot of busy workdays followed by nights of being too exhausted to anything other than eat dinner and get into bed.

I did have a great time teaching my first Pilates class at WSU (Tuesday nights at 730!) and I was also asked to join the rotation of Yoga instructors who offer the 9am class on Saturdays. That was a highlight since the instructors who called me are the ones I used to take classes from when I was a student. They taught me the fundamentals that I draw upon each time I teach my own classes.

Allow me to act as a spokesperson for WSU Fitness for just a moment:

-Classes are free for participants with active Wildcards.
-Community attendance is only $6/class.
-The Spring schedule can be found here.
-Attendance at a free, drop-in class will get you a ticket for free admittance to Fit*tastic! Fit*Tastic is a 90-minute program that allows you to have a taste of every class offered by Campus Fitness so you can figure out which ones suit you best (hosted January 30th at 9am).

I love the atmosphere of the WSU classes and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to teach the same classes I used to love myself as a student! I'm also psyched to certify for Level 1 YogaFit in February, and Pilates Level 1 later in the spring. I never knew I could love exercise so much :)


  1. I wish I had something like this in my area. Every gym I've found thus far is almost $100 a month. Sigh! I'd love to take your class. :)

  2. Congrats Liv! It is wonderful that you are so happy and excited about all of this. I was surprised to myself loving exercise so much too. If I ever have a free tuesday night, I may have to stop by.

  3. That is wonderful. What a compliment to you and your teaching. I hope I can come to some of your classes. Good luck!


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