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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No seriously, put it on a sticky note or I'll forget we even had this conversation.

Hi, I used to be really organized.

Now I can barely remember if I washed my hair in the shower this morning. Or did I wash it the day before?

Work is really busy, which is such a blessing because it means I'll have a job for a while longer. Anyway, so. Work being really busy is great and all, but I'm finding it harder and harder to keep track of everything without using a sticky note to remind myself of every tiny little task I have to do. Additionally, I have dozens of reminders in my work calender that pop up and tell me not to forget to do this, that or the other.

Still, I managed to forget to pay my student loan bill this week. And I paid the cable bill late. And I almost forgot about visiting teaching (tomorrow, phew). I find myself laying awake at night remembering an email I overlooked that I need to address the following day. But the next night I'm thinking about that same email and how I need to remember to get to it.

I'm still getting my work load done by the end of each week, but not without a major struggle. Add to that the fact that I have a whole house in need of an overhaul for the baby's arrival and I'm FREAKING OUT.

But I can blame my forgetfulness on pregnancy, right? Just like I can blame the weight gain on pregnancy, right? And I can blame the breakouts on pregnancy, right (because seriously, my skin has never given me this much trouble!)? And I can blame my fatigue on pregnancy, right? Along with my insane appetite, right?

Hoo boy. This kid already owes me big time.


  1. blame it all! i felt the exact same at work, though my work wasn't as um, involved. so not only were things not getting done as quickly, it didn't matter much, which didn't help me feel motivated at all. :) don't worry! you have lots of time to get things done (at home). and you'll feel better soon, though i can't say your brain will be back at full capacity. it might though! mine just never did...

    oh, and yes. there was a good three month period where our bills were late. :) also happened after he was born. ya gotta love it!

  2. The good thing about being pregnant is that you can blame everything on it, anything from the mood swings to the washing machine breaking down!

  3. This is exactly how I felt the last 6 months of work. I was so stressed out that I almost couldn't handle it. Let everyone help you out in anyway possible. And give me a call if I can help you fold statements or with anything! You will make it and before you know if your little one will be here!

  4. You can totally blame it on the baby. My cousin-in-law calls this symptom of pregnancy the dumbs.

  5. Yes. ;)

    I put my keys in the fridge and just last night asked Brian if the butane gas sold at the checkout line in the grocery store was an energy drink.

  6. please don't drink the butane, baby needs a mommy

  7. Yes to all of the above! It's like your body and mind go on strike and stop obeying even direct commands. I have had some paperwork to fax ready next to my computer for THREE WEEKS and have yet to remember to take it to my parents' house. Sheesh.

  8. yes! I forgot EVERYTHING when I was pregnant, and it only got worse after I delivered. I think it took a month after the baby was born until I could remember anything longer than 2 minutes. Just wait... when did I feed the baby? How many diapers has he had today? When did he start nursing? Oh, the things there will be to remember...

    Blame it all on the baby, and then marvel at the fact that you love the little guy/girl so much.

  9. Blame it all. Because it is the babay.
    :) Only a sign that everything is going as it should! It's all too familiar.
    P.S. please if you want help with the house overhaul - let me know!!


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