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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Now that you're coming, I have to stop calling Maddie the baby.

This is amazing.

At my 11 week appointment Tuesday afternoon, I got to see the baby's face. A FACE. Unbelievable. I got to see...things...flowing through the umbilical cord. WHAT THE HECK?

Seeing all of that made the blood draw totally worth it. The juice box helped too. And that bar in front of me that kept me from falling out of the chair was pretty useful.


  1. Thats a really good, clear shot of the baby at 11 weeks. I think my 11week ultrasound was the hardest one to see anything because of posistioning and it was my first tummy ultrasound so the baby wasnt very far up still.

    I've had people ask me if we are getting rid of our dogs! can you believe it? Of course not, they have been my babies for 3 some odd years. Its definitely going to be a big change but they are part of our family.

  2. That's an awesome picture! So exciting. And yes, those bars are nice. The blood glucose test is the worst, I was so hopped up on sugar I thought I was gonna bounce right out of that seat.

  3. What a sweet pic Liv, s/he looks like a gummy bear!


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