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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 13

How can time seem to fly by while simultaneously standing still? Pregnancy feels like an alternate universe. I go about my daily tasks- work, sleep, pilates, errands, Maddie, husband... and all the while this little tiny person is growing non-stop inside of me.

I was folding laundry last weekend and was surprised at how tired it made me. Granted, flannel sheets are heavy, but it's never winded me to fold them before! Kev was in the room with me and I told him that it's pretty darn hard to make another person. I started rattling off all the things my body is helping baby make and Kev asked me to stop before I made him cry.

Did you read that part little baby? Your daddy thinks it's amazing that you're growing inside me. He loves you already, even though he insists we refer to you as a "fetus" because that is technically what you are. I prefer to call you a "baby" regardless.

Anyway- at 13 weeks I still feel very blessed. I made it through the first trimester without once losing a meal to nausea. I also had enough energy to get through 8-hour work days followed by pilates workouts 2-3 times a week in the evenings. The Pink House suffered regularly when it came to cleanliness, but I'm learning to let things slide and pick up the slack on the weekends.

A lot of my regular clothes still fit, which is wonderful because I've decided I hate maternity clothes shopping. I'll use my Beband until it's no longer practical, and then I'll consider scouring clearance racks for pants with panels.

Food has never been an issue thus far- except that I can't seem to get enough of it. Cravings haven't been much different than before I was pregnant, except that now I feel justified giving into them. Thankfully they're rather practical. I'll really want a steak one week or a crunchy bowl of Apple Jacks every day for breakfast. I did make Kev take me to Carl's Jr one morning for breakfast because I was craving french toast, but it was already 10am so I didn't feel the least bit guilty having him indulge me. I've been very grateful to have an appetite and to have the ability to eat pretty much anything without feeling sick as a result. I live by the motto "What baby wants, baby gets." It seems to work well for all of us.

My major anxieties right now are focused on two things. 1) getting baby OUT of me. How, exactly, is that going to work?! I'm still nervous about that part. 2) getting baby a bedroom. How, exactly, am I going to get the second bedroom ready in 6 months? It's such a nightmare and has been since the day we closed on the house. It's the junk room. It's the computer room. It has a mattress on the floor. The closet is full of overflowing boxes. In order to get that bedroom ready, I feel like I have to rearrange and reorganize everything in the basement. Then I can take the junk from the bedroom and organize it in the basement to make room for baby.


It'll be ok though. 6 months really is a lot of time to clean out a room and come to terms with giving birth. And people have been having babies for ages and it's been ok. As long as I have Kev and the Pink House come August, we'll be good. Oh, and my mom. Yes, she's coming to Utah again for the first time since I married Kev in June 2006. She'll arrive after the baby is born and I'm thinking she can make everything better by cooking a lot of food and keeping the freezer stocked with ice cream. We're kind of big fans of ice cream in my family.

I know that the anxiety is worth it. This new family member is going to enrich our lives in more ways than we can imagine. Just like Maddie did when she joined our family. Only this time it'll be even cooler because our child will look like us and s/he won't need to sniff the entire backyard 10 times over before going poop.


  1. i think anxiety comes with the territory, but you'll get it done! that nesting will kick in and it'll be hard to stop you.

    ps. my favorite maternity pants were the kinds with the tiny panels. basically, jeans without zipper and buttons, but a stretchy thin band at the top. comfortable, but without that huge over the bellyness. i think i got two pair at old navy (and i did invest in one nicer looking jean from gap) for $13. check their clearance and online!

    also, are you following you should. sometimes they have great items for super cheap. lots of it is sort of "fluff" stuff that you don't need, but i bought another nursing cover after i lost mine for half the price.

  2. Glad your first trimester has went so well. Luckily I never threw up either, just felt nausea pretty much all day. And I just remember how tired I was! Good luck with getting the extra room set up.

  3. It is funny how something so small can make you so winded. I remember when Beckett was like the size of a kidney bean and walking up stairs I had walked everyday and feeling like I had run a marathon. Pregnancy is an amazing thing to experience. I'm so happy for you to enjoy the ride. Good luck with getting everything ready. You two are going to be awesome parents.

  4. Wow you lucky girl. I can't believe you haven't barfed once!

    And I felt similarly in the early stages of pregnancy..the "this is going so fast!" thing.

    Now? Not so much.

  5. wow, you didnt barf? thats pretty impressive! and i like your last line about maddie haha :] btw, if you ever need a day of serious help getting the 2nd room cleaned out or want to go baby shopping or something, let me know and i would love to make the trip for you ♥

  6. You are so awesome. I love reading your baby posts. Maybe it'll make you feel better having the same dr as I - the coming out thing went pretty well with him. ;) Though the nurses joked he stopped at denny's on the way because they were waiting for him a little longer than they wanted. It all worked out. Or rather, she worked herself out well. he he. You can do it as far as the room goes - that is what friends are for - please enlist me for help! and Matt P is a great painter btw.

  7. Don't worry Liv- I was constantly stressing over the room because our 2nd bedroom is also the junk/computer room with so many boxes and crap!

    However, at 13 weeks all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn't even really eat that much. I just puked when I brushed my teeth haha ;)

    But yeah now that I'm nearly 27 weeks I can't freaking sit still. I want to get everything ready! Then again I cant do alot because we're moving in a few weeks so thats frustrating/good.



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