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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week 14

On Thursday night Kev looked at my belly after dinner and said "you're pregnant!" So we decided to document the occasion for the conclusion of week 13.

At week 14 I'm still unbelievably tired more often than not. I've started sleeping in as late as I possibly can in the mornings while still getting to work on time. No matter how many hours I try to squeeze in, I never feel refreshed. It probably doesn't help that I wake up throughout the night and have to pee non-stop. I imagine it'll just keep getting better the bigger I get.

Teaching Pilates is still a great experience for me. Some of the exercises are a little more challenging than before, but I always feel better after a workout. I also think it helps my University class realize that it's okay to modify postures without feeling like you're not as good as your neighbor. If a pregnant lady can do Pilates, then so can the new guy in class!

As my belly fluctuates in size, Kev teases Maddie about sitting on my lap as much as she can while it still exists. I don't know what this little pup is going to do when her baby sibling arrives. She adores a good cuddle and I'm afraid there won't be enough of me to go around in a few months.

No progress has yet been made on the second bedroom, but I'm learning to just let it go. Eventually it'll get cleaned out and eventually Kev and I can start scouring KSL for deals on a crib. Until "eventually" comes around, I can't think about it.

My next appointment is on February 9th, and for some reason the dr believes he'll be e sable to determine the sex of the baby. I'll only be 16 weeks, so I'm not planning on it. I'm still looking forward to seeing my little Pilates buddy again though! I love getting an ultrasound with each visit. It reassures me that I am actually pregnant, not just getting thick around the middle.

Speaking of thick around the middle- I participated in a great 90 minute workout this morning that kicked my butt. It was a workshop for WSU during which all the different styles of drop-in classes were showcased for about ten minutes at a time. I'll admit that I don't get enough cardio during the week because the workshop was intensely challenging for me. I enjoyed it overall though, and really enjoyed doing the cool down portion at the end with Nikki. We got to tag-team some Pilates exercises to get everyone relaxed. I just know my buns and thighs are going to be screaming tomorrow.

My little Pilates buddy really enjoyed it though. I'm hoping to have not just an avid rock climber, but an overall fitness buff for a baby.


  1. Your started to get a cute little baby bump :) And I totally know what you mean about it being nice to get an ultrasound at every appointment, because a lot of the time at first I was like am I really pregnant still? But now that I can feel her moving and my bellys growing I dont have that problem any more hehe.

    Thats great you can still do pilates and get some exercise. I was really good at walking my dogs every day but with the winter its just cold and yucky outside so I havent done much physical fitness in the past few months :( hopefully I can start up soon.

  2. You look so cute. You look fabulous! We found out that Beckett was a boy at 16 weeks, so you could easily find out next time. Good luck!

  3. My experience was that the middle-of-the-night pees slowed down during the second trimester, and then kicked back up again toward the end. :) Hopefully you'll get a break soon, and the 2nd trimester "bliss" will start. Also, I found out at 16 weeks! It's possible! That's super exciting, and your belly is dang cute.

  4. I loved seeing you today. you already are glowing. I loved seeing Miss Pilates as well, all so adorable!!

  5. Aww I love your little tiny bump!
    I get pissed off whe I look for cribs on KSL because people try to sell them at such retarded prices where I can just go buy a new one for that much. I think they forget that they are used.


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