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Monday, February 01, 2010

Follow through

Once, in June 2008, I talked a lot about getting in gear and fulfilling some goals for myself.

I wanted to derive more satisfaction in accomplishments in my life concerning Yoga and my career.

I've made a lot of progress when it comes to my career. I've switched jobs since writing that post about my goals and I've found a lot of satisfaction in this new environment with great people. I just need to get over my crippling fear of math and take my tests to get my real estate license.

Another huge leap I made was certifying for PiYo, which allowed me to start teaching Pilates in November 2008. This year, I'm certifying for YogaFit which will allow me to start teaching Yoga-centered classes in the future.

While the progress feels a little sluggish, I'm just happy I'm not completely stagnant. I recently looked at the list of goals I made on my 25th birthday (to be completed before I'm 30) and I was so excited to check another thing off.

Other items on the list? Have a baby. If all goes as planned I get to knock that one off this summer. The goal to have a successful garden isn't as easy to come by though. Who knew keeping flowers alive would be harder than getting pregnant?

What are some of your accomplishments in the last year? You might be able to motivate me to improve myself in some other ways.

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  1. I haven't been too good at following through on most of my goals, but one that I did finish last year was reading the conference issue of the ensign from cover to cover. I am almost done with last Aprils conference issue as well. It feels awesome to accomplish something that you never have been able to do before. Another one that I did well at for half of the year was trying a new recipe every week, but I haven't had the energy for quite some time to do that goal anymore.


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