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Monday, February 08, 2010

God has impeccable timing... but you probably already knew that.

I've been getting better at letting things flow according to their own time-table. I'm giving up some of my need to control the outcome of everything. I'm trying to understand that things will happen as the timing is right, and all I can do is keep living and exercising faith.

I had the opportunity on Sunday to do some reflection on the grand scheme of things. In other words- life in general and how things seem to happen at the best possible time, even if it takes hindsight to understand that.

Earlier this month my mom told me that my Grandpa (her dad) is going to attend Temple preparation classes. He's 90 years old. He'll also be advancing in the Priesthood this month, which is a wonderful blessing.

That got me thinking. Before my Grandpa was born, he was probably made aware that he could come to this earth and have a lovely life with some trials, some blessings and innumerable experiences. He was probably also made aware that he would not receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ until he was 88 years old. That seems like a really long time not to have a religious influence in your life. But still, he chose to come to earth knowing that he would wait a long time before accepting the Gospel and being baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ. Add to that the additional years necessary to prepare himself to go to the Temple for the first time and it almost adds up to 91 years of waiting to receive those blessings.

If my Grandpa can wait 91 years to go to the temple and receive the blessings therein, then I can probably wait a few more weeks, or even months, for Kev to find a good job. Or any job for that matter. It's all about perspective. It's all about trusting that God knows how much we can endure, and He knows when the time is right for things to change in our lives (based on our involvement and faith of course).

I'm excited for my Grandpa to go to the temple and experience more that this Gospel has to offer to those who truly live and accept it. He's a great example to me of eternal perspective. We cannot limit ourselves to deadlines on calendars. Life doesn't work that way at all.

While this is hard for me to accept (I live by the appointments in my planner) I am getting better at it. I'm worrying a little less than I did the last time Kev was unemployed. I have no choice but to let go and move forward with faith.

That being said, it doesn't mean I won't be thrilled if anyone has any information right now regarding a job for Kev. Did I mention he's looking? Did I mention he's available to start anytime? Did I mention he's a hard worker? Did I mention we're having a baby?

But yeah... I have faith we'll figure something out. Really, I do.


  1. liv, that is so exciting about your grandpa. i definitely know how you feel, i too live by deadlines and time tables and schedules and routines. it was a hard lesson to learn when i had wy, that it would take a bit for him to get on one and that i'd just have to deal in between, but it did happen and now i wonder why i worried so much. SO much. it's funny, because in those times you can't seem to see past a day or hour or minute, but that's part of the experience. i think if you could, you wouldn't get the full learning experience from your trial. you just have to have faith that as you said, when the timing is right, heavenly father will bless you. (or that your baby will enjoy a schedule...) i know he will! in the mean time, i'll put out some feelers. :)

  2. ...and i hope that comes across as "i feel ya!" and not "let me tell you what it's all about".

    sometimes i don't 'splain myself well.

  3. I've discovered it's all about His timeline too, and not ours. I'm very grateful He knows more than I do though. I wouldn't have chosen to go through some of my trials, but it in hindsight it's always been what's better for me to grow as a person.
    We've been through the whole job thing a few times with Matt. It's hard, and it's hard to see them go through it too. I seriously don't know how I could have survived without faith. You're amazing and things will work out. I know what you're going through.
    What is Kevin looking for? I'll keep my ears open. People always tell me about jobs for Matt, but now that he's in school, he can't work much.

  4. kim- i understood completely that you were feelin me :)

    dixie- kev is trying to get into home inspection for a career. he's actually doing a training at the end of the month. but until that takes off, he does need something to supplement his home inspection income, or GIVE him an income until he can make money in home inspection.

  5. Thank you so much for that post! Sometimes I get so self-involved and I don't think that anybody else might be experiencing similar trials of faith and patience and perspective. I need constant reminding right now to be patient and let things work out the way they are suppose to.


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