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Monday, February 22, 2010

The light and divinity within me

I attended what was probably a once-in-a-lifetime Pilates mat class on Saturday. It was presented by Julian Littleford, who is apparently world-renowned for his training. I was just introduced to him last week but I still thought it'd be worth the $15 drop in fee. He was flown in from San Diego to Utah for a workshop and the classes are an added bonus for those attending the full thing. My favorite part of taking his class? He's originally from London. So everything he said sounded like the BEST IDEA EVER even though I had no clue how I was going to perform the posture. Put my legs over my head? SURE SIGN ME UP!

It was an excellent practice and I took down a lot of mental notes for my own teaching. He demonstrates the move twice and then walks the room to offer adjustments. When I modified a pose for the baby belly I have, he helped me align my hips better so I felt the move more intensely. I was also grateful to be introduced to a new Yoga studio that will be opened on Washington Blvd near my Pink House. It's called Borrowed Earth and the upstairs offers a huge loft-like practice space with a view of downtown Ogden. Beautiful.

Attending the practice started my day on the right note. I felt so much more energy than other Saturdays when I just drag myself out of bed and try to launch into chores. Another bonus? I came home famished and ready for (second) breakfast. So I made banana-whole-wheat pancakes for me and Kev to enjoy together. It was a wonderful start to a wonderful day full of regular old mundane things. I got to enjoy a fabulous work out followed by getting Maddie's nails done, bathing her, and then watching her cook in the sun with her new bone.

There are so many little things to enjoy- British accents, clean dogs, stretchy Pilates pants, pancakes, sunshine, walks by the river and cheetos, to name just a few.

I hope you were able to enjoy some little things over the weekend as well.

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