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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A milestone

Last week in Pilates, a participant asked if doing a certain posture was hard yet. It involves extending the legs up to the sky and rolling the torso off the mat with hands also extending overhead.

Basically, I'm expected to gracefully roll over my baby belly and reach toward my toes.

Last week it was hard. This week it was harder. I feel so ungraceful and uncoordinated as I try to maneuver some of the abdominal work in my classes. My participants know I'm pregnant, but that doesn't make it any easier to accept the changes in my workout/teaching.

Doing Yoga over the weekend was encouraging because there is less aerobic ab work required. It's easier for me to work the Yoga postures compared to Pilates. Unfortunately I don't teach Yoga. I teach Pilates.

Insert large sigh here.

I'm so happy to be healthy and strong enough to keep teaching Pilates almost 100%. I've really only adapted a few things in consideration of my pregnancy. But it all goes back to not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I try to use it to my advantage; I try to encourage my class to listen to their bodies as I'm listening to mine. I want them to feel as comfortable as possible and to know that any adaptation of a pose is acceptable.

The problem is that I'm jealous they'll keep working toward their goals and working on getting their poses to the best they can be. Meanwhile, I'll be doing less and less due to a growing belly and aching back.

There could be worse things though. I could still be feeling constant nausea. I could be throwing up all the time. I could be swelling like a balloon. I could be on best-rest. I could be anemic. I could be suffering from things much more serious than hurt pride. I could still be waiting to get pregnant.

I'm so grateful that Kev and I are blessed with this opportunity at this time. I'm so grateful we've been chosen to be parents to this baby girl. I'm so grateful we have a home to which we can bring her and a dog who loves kids. I'm so grateful my parents will be able to visit and meet her so soon after she is born. I'm so grateful my siblings live in Utah and can also meet their little niece and spend time with her often. I'm so grateful I'm employed full-time with insurance. I'm so grateful I'm healthy and baby is healthy. I can't ask for anything more because I have enough right now.

Actually, I could probably ask for help being humble. I'll let you know how that goes.


  1. I think its great that you can still teach pilates and yoga! Im sure it makes you and your baby feel great. And way to have a positive attitude and to be grateful for what you do have.

  2. You're humble my dear. :) It's ok to notice all the joys of your expanding belly and pine for earlier days.. but at the same time, I promise it'll go back!!! :) ESPECIALLY since you are still doing the pilates. You will bounce back like nobody's business.


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