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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She budged!

(The title of this post is for Melissa and all her fellow teachers who were transplanted from Michigan).

At 17+ weeks I've been trying to sit still and allow myself moments here and there to feel the baby move.

I got really excited last week when I thought for sure baby had fluttered and that I'd felt it for the first time.

Turns out it was just gas.



  1. hahaha, I remember that feeling. I feel like I feel a baby move sometimes and I haven't been pregnant for 2 years +. It makes me wonder how often I really did feel Anabelle move before my 20th week. Don't worry, you'll know when you really do. I wouldn't be surprised if you do this week. :)

  2. I remember the 1st time I felt Gaius move. I was jamming to No Doubt in the car, and I was CERTAIN that meant I was having a girl. Apparently it just meant that boys don't like chick music.

    You'll know when it happens. I hated that for weeks I could feel the baby, but Neal couldn't. I was so happy then he finally could too.

  3. Ya know, every baby is different, Carter I did not feel until 23 weeks, Payton I felt at 15 weeks. Some babies are just more active than others. There is nothing like feeling your baby move inside you for the first time but trust me in ten weeks you'll wish it would stop, at least all the rib and pelvic kicks. :)

  4. It feels like forever when you're waiting to feel the first movement. We've all been through that. :) You're so funny.


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