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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Tazmanian Devil

Last week my mom told me that this dog had what is probably the canine equivalent to an anxiety attack prior to surgery for removing a lump inside her body. Due to her enlarged heart, she couldn't proceed with the surgery.

The poor dog is already deaf, blind and missing one eye (due to an infection) and she's almost 14 years old. The last thing the old girl needs is panic attacks. She lives with my Grandpa Vito (and has since 2002 when my Grandma Fluf passed) and she's supposed to live forever to keep him company.

Thankfully with the use of sedatives her surgery was successfully rescheduled and performed. The bad news is that cancerous cells were found within the lump that was removed.

Sad day.

I remember when Taz was just a puppy. We got her the summer after my family's house burned down and we lost everything, including three Boston Terriers. I spent a lot of time that summer watching her since we were staying in another family's home as guests. Every time she sees Seth, no matter how many years it's been, she acts like they haven't skipped a beat. I remember when we finally moved into our own home how nice it was to let her roam free and help herself to the backyard through her doggy door. She used to eat my shoes though, and that is tough to forgive because I am quite fond of my footwear.

Regardless of her shoe-eating, trash-picking habits, I still love my Taz. And so does my Grandpa. I know she's like, 100 years old in dog years, but it's still hard to really know that she's at the end of her tether. Dogs are never just pets in my family; they are best friends. Maddie is my girl- my space heater, my walking buddy, my kissy face, my everything. And she's only been in my life for 2.5 years. Taz is like a little farty sibling to me. Who snorts a lot.

But, that's life I suppose. Always starting anew and fading away. Once Taz passes, she can go be her grumpy self with my grumpy Grandma and hang out eating good food all day long in heaven. So I suppose there's a bright side.


  1. im sorry my dear. did you read joshs post about his dog hunter, a while ago? it is so sad when pets health starts going downhill. :[ my poor little emma back home has valley fever, apparently a lot of dogs die or never fully recover from it. so sad. sounds like this little pup though will have it made up in heaven whenever that time comes :]

  2. My cat is only 8, but I think about his impending death all the time. I know it will destroy me. And that makes me wonder, is it even worth getting close to someone/something, when you know the pain of losing them will be so, so great?

    Yes, it is. :)

    I'm glad you have such wonderful animal friends! And I hope your family can come to terms with Taz's passing, whenever it comes. Just remember all the happiness he brought, which is much bigger than the sadness of his absence.


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