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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Week 15

I'm so grateful to mark off another week of pregnancy!

Although, each week the pain in my lower back gets more intense. I don't understand why it's such a problem lately. I'm still stretching regularly and doing a lot of ab work to help keep my front strong enough to keep the extra weight from straining my back. Apparently it's not working. It's painful to stand up, and it's painful to walk. And I've only gained 10 pounds! I can't imagine what it'll feel like if I double in size.

Sleeping is still really difficult as well. Not only do I have crazy-intense dreams (twice now my little brother has tried to murder me and one night I swam to Provo) but the aches and pains in my joints are almost as bad as they were last summer when my arthritis made my knee throb all night long. Falling asleep isn't really a problem, but staying asleep is. When I read Emilie's post about crazy dreams (and waking up angry at people) I could totally relate. It's exhausting to dream so vividly.

The pregnancy-induced skin problems are still aggravating me as well. I wish I hadn't taken my calm skin for granted pre-pregnancy. Now it's a struggle to reduce redness and blemishes. There's nothing like feeling fat and like a pizza face. One thing that has helped is my strawberry face wash from Mario Baduscu's line of products. I use it on my neck and chest and I can see a difference over the next couple of days. Thank heaven for small favors.

Tuesday is my next appointment, so I'm going to address my pains with my doctor to see if there's anything he recommends that I'm not already doing. When I asked him last month what seafood to stay away from, he told me to Google it since he couldn't remember all the types of fish that are not beneficial to a growing baby. He better not suggest I Google remedies for back pain. That's not what I'm paying for!

Back to the bright side- Maddie once again proved to me and Kev that she is perfectly willing to adapt to life with a little sibling. We hosted Kev's brother and his family for Sunday dinner and Maddie played well with the three kids. She responds well to eye pokes and tail pulls and the extra attention. She actually gets a little shy and looks for refuge in a friendly adult lap when she's had enough. I'm so proud of her behavior and I hope it can be pretty consistent when the little sibling doesn't go away at the end of the night.

I also found some amazing deals at ShopKo on baby items I've had on my list. The only problem is finding a place to store everything until that room-which-shall-not-be-named gets organized. I'm thrilled I got the exact pack 'n play I liked for an extra 10% off prices I saw at Amazon and Target. I used the money I "saved" to buy little slippers that have rattles on them. That way baby can stay entertained while mama brushes her teeth... or something.

Although I'm trying to keep myself calm regarding next week's appointment, there is definitely some excitement building because of the slight possibility that we'll discover my pilates buddy's sex. I'm relieved that Kev will be able to come to this appointment because if I do get to find out what we're having, I don't want him to miss out.

Did any of you go to great lengths to share the news with family and friends? I'm pretty sure ya'll can expect a plain old phone call or text message from me when Kev and I find out. I won't be posting a photo of the ultrasound with a miniscule pee-pee or va-jay-jay cirlced and blown up for you to see. No one but me and Kev need to see that up close!

Here's a photo of Maddie's lady parts in case you're feeling disappointed. She can't grow up and hate me later.


  1. That last sentence and the picture gave me a good laugh. Thanks for adding that. I

  2. That will be exciting if your able to find out the sex on Tuesday. Let me know :) Hopefully your doctor can give you some ideas for your back pain and Im sorry your not sleeping very well, thats the worst when you cant stay asleep.


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