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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 17

Sporting belly this week.
It's funny how it seems to come and go. I drink so much water at work all day and then I come home and drink my weight in fruit juice with dinner and snacks. I'm trying to convince myself that all the liquid retention is what makes my weight fluctuate so much throughout each week. When I get on the scale now I'm all sorts of offended by the numbers that pop up. It seems so random and un-calculated. I didn't know I was so used to, and comfortable with, the numbers that regularly popped up before pregnancy.

Kev has been such a great support throughout this experience. He's actually been taking my turns to do the dishes for the last few weeks now. He knows that standing for long periods of time really affects my lower back so he's doing so much to help me stay pain-free. And even though he's doing a lot of homework to prepare for his home inspection training this month, he still finds time to play with my hair while I'm falling asleep at night. I enjoy it so much that when I wake up a few hours later and he's sound asleep, I find myself getting mad that it's over.

Kev also hauled our new IKEA shelves around and agreed to seriously consider the couch I've been lusting after for months. In addition to dealing with the-room-that-shall-not-be-named, I also want to spruce up the living room and bring more seating into it. Now that Kev has laid down on and tried out the sofa, I think I might be in business.

Other things on our agenda to prep for baby (and my parents' arrival) include updating some of the terribly old windows on the west side of the Pink House. To make the home more comfortable we need windows that will actually open and possibly accommodate AC units. Otherwise, my parents will probably melt and slither down to the basement to sleep below ground. Not the greatest option since my step-dad is like, 7 feet tall and the basement ceiling maxes out at 5'7". Ha. My brother is now a sales rep for Tanner Glass and Hardware and he's already given us some fabulous bids on the windows. Say a quick hello and goodbye to our tax return!

I still feel exhausted the majority of the time, but I'm beginning to think it may have little to do with pregnancy and more to do with how many hours I put in working. To discipline myself better at work I'm going to have to set a timer to remind me to take a step back every couple of hours to pee and have a snack. I think a few minutes sporadically taken throughout the day will help keep my energy levels up, especially on the days when I teach Pilates after my full-time job. I also need to remember to try using 100% of my lungs to breathe instead of trying to get by with shallow breathing. I've found that practicing slow and deep Yoga breaths throughout the day help me regain my composure and put everything into better perspective (i.e. that encounter with a rude client does not have to ruin my day).

Overall though, I'm a lot less crazy than I could be considering the hormones and the stress and my natural tendency to be a spaz.


  1. yeah, get some rest, girl! you deserve it! you're growin' a baby in there! :) i had to set breaks at work for myself to, to have a snack. that way every few hours i was eating something and standing up and walking around. it really helped! also, helped the day seem to go faster... :) which i totally needed.

  2. tell me when i can come over, my dear! i'll plan a day trip and help you with whatever you would like! love you, and remember to relax sometimes :]

  3. You look beautiful! Growing a baby is hard work, and you're doing a great job. Remember all the work you're doing... you're breathing for two, pumping (and creating!) blood for two, and hauling around fluid for two plus a swimming pool. It's hard work!

    Take full breaths because it makes you feel better, and also because it won't be long before someone is sitting on the other half of your lungs!


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