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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 18

Thanks for joining me for yet another recap, even though not much has changed. I'm still tired. I'm still swelling. I still have lower-back pain. But, those are all good things because it means my body is working hard to make my pilates buddy stronger and bigger.

I've found myself really needing Maddie to keep me company. Kev is dutifully completing his coursework for his Home Inspector training, which results in very late nights for him. He's watching hours of DVDs for home study while I try to keep myself entertained otherwise. And by entertained I mean horizontal on the couch or bed trying to stay awake past 8pm.

That's where Maddie comes in handy. She cuddles like there's no tomorrow. She wants me to rub her nose, her belly, her legs, behind her ears. So that helps me stay busy. I hope she soaks it all up and remembers how much I love her when the time comes for me to neglect her. Kev and I have also been better at walking her again. Last winter I had no trouble getting a walk in every other day. I only worked until 4:30 so there was still plenty of sunlight. Now that I get home at 5:30 or 7, I just can't justify a walk in the dark.

I'm still waiting to feel my pilates buddy bust a move, but I'm not too concerned about not having felt anything yet. I know that when her movements get more pronounced in the future I'll wish for the days when she didn't keep me awake while kicking my organs all night long.

I mentioned via Twitter that maybe wearing tights on Friday wasn't a good idea because the seam make it look like my belly button was an outie. Amanda asked if I was suffering discomfort in the name of fashion. She's a few weeks behind me in her own pregnancy and apparently her tummy isn't happy with any amount of pressure right now. It made me laugh out loud. I can assure you that I would never be uncomfortable just so I could look good in an outfit. There are definitely days when wearing tights is out of the question due discomfort. I hope to pass this wisdom along to my little girl. Ladies- you never have to sacrifice comfort for fashion! Just watch a few episodes of "What Not to Wear" so Stacy and Clinton can remind you of that fact over and over again.

I'm still not wearing many maternity clothes. I just have two shirts and one dress that I sometimes wear. And now that the bloating of the first trimester has subsided I only use my belly band for a certain pair of pants that's getting snug. It's a relief because like I've mentioned before, maternity clothes shopping is lame. I want to hold on to my current wardrobe for as long as possible. Especially my high heels. Oh the high heels. I love them. Some of the young moms I attend church with wear their heels despite the hassle of chasing a toddler around. They inspire me. As I keep getting thicker, I'm counting on my heels to give me as much height as possible so I feel less like a slouch.

Before this post turns into photos of all my shoes, I best get going on my chore list. Maddie was so kind to let me sleep in until 8 this morning. It is actually a blessing since I have a lot to do before my friend arrives for a study session later this morning. I really can't let him see my underwear on the bathroom floor. We're not that close.


  1. Just be careful you don't wear your favorite shoes once your feet start getting fat. I didn't realize how much I had swollen until a few months after I delivered I tried to put on the flip flops I had lived in the last 2 months of my pregnancy (thanks to an awesome boss who understood they were the only shoes I could get into). Anywho... I put on the flip flops, and I could have fit a whole extra foot in there with me. So don't ruin your beautiful shoes!

  2. I don't think I felt Wy move until like, 21ish weeks - so don't worry! You'll get there, and yes, near the end you won't be able to remember NOT feeling her. :) That was one of the strangest parts after labor, not feeling him move all the time.

  3. I didn't feel Beckett until the just before my 20th week, but it is no big deal. I liked feeling the baby move. It was especially cool to watch from the outside. I'm glad you can still fit into most of your clothes. Way to go!


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