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Friday, March 12, 2010

Guess who couldn't get out of bed until 8 this morning?

I don't know what my problem is. I was in bed last night by 8pm. Kev and I were catching up with each other since he worked at Seth's in Sandy from Tuesday night until Thursday afternoon. At 9:30 I decided to get ready for bed for real and was probably sleeping just after 10 rolled around.

When my alarm went off at 7 this morning I almost cried. I had dreams about work all night long and I was exhausted. Who knew that dreaming about fake work could be just as tiring as real work?

I moaned and groaned and pulled my Maddie dog into my chest to snuggle. As 8 rolled around I texted my co-worker to tell him I would be in an hour late. I just could not handle getting out of bed.

But Kev got up with me and ate breakfast with me and got ready with me and I survived. I got to work and settled in. But I'm still tired.



  1. I once called in sick the day after we got home from a vacation because I was too exhausted / not ready to go back to work. :) You're allowed! It's exhausting growing a baby!

    ps, your bump is so cute. is it weird that i'm slightly jealous?

  2. not gonna lie, i didnt wake up til like um....1 or 1:30. BUT the night before i only slept 2.5 hours, which i tried to explain to josh, who still called me lazy. rude. i'm glad you and kev got to have breakfast together and stuff. cute :]

  3. We are twins! I was suppose to work at 8am and Scotty works at 7am so I just drop him off before hand. However I was sooo tired today and had a cruddy night sleep so I didn't wake up til 8 and Scotty didn't go in until later to give me time to rest since we share a car. It was very nice but I am still going to pass out... blaaaahhh... goodnight friend.


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