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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have a tendency to talk in my sleep.

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My younger brother is infamous for his bizarre sleep talking. He is known to sit straight up and loudly proclaim gibberish for a significant period of time while sleeping. It's hilarious. He'll look right at you and talk nonsense until your laughter interrupts him and puts him back to sleep.

My own sleep talking is not as dramatic, but it's still funny. I think the funniest part for Kev is how angry I get when I wake up in the middle of my sleep talking and tell him I'm not asleep. It's frustrating to be told you're asleep when you think you're awake.

This week I was having yet another dream about work. My main concern was whether or not the rental list was updated. So I asked Kev if Maddie was listed. I remember rolling over and asking him a second time. Then I realized I was asleep, and no, Maddie is not advertised as a rental for my office. She's a dog. Not a house.

I told Kev I was asleep and that I was having a dream about work. And he laughed. But I didn't get mad because I was the one who said I was asleep, not Kev. I'm just relieved I didn't get out of bed and try to add Maddie to the rental ads I run for work. That would be a little difficult to explain at the office in the morning.

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