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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Less than 24 hours of a vacation is still enough for me.

Curiousity is piqued! For my birthday next month Kev and I are just doing a one-night stay in downtown SLC. Maddie will get to spend the night and part of the following day with Seth (you know, her bff) while Kev and I spend less than 24 hours on "vacation."

It's very similar to what we did last March when I sold my five-year anniversary gift (from my old job). I just need to get away from my Pink House and work and chores for one night to feel refreshed. Also, I had to get away without taking any time off work. Tricky.

I know that SLC shopping isn't comparable to outlet shopping in Park City, but I'm taking suggestions for inexpensive places to visit that will help me get my retail fix without breaking the budget.


  1. Everything in and around 9th and 9th is super cute. Also, this site, while it's no longer running, has some great ideas of where to shop or get a cupcake. (Mini's)

  2. Ever been to Nordstrom Rack? It reminds me of Ross, but they have more variety in brands like Juicy Couture. There is one in Brickyard, and I think I've seen one close to the South Towne Mall.


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