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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My PARENTS are ahead of me technology-wise.

My parents set up skype. I didn't even know they had a web cam.

No, Kev and I have not used skype before. Yes, we plan to use it in the future. Especially so my grandpa can meet his newest great-grand-daughter this summer. I'm lucky that I get to see all my siblings quite frequently so I don't even think to use skype. My parents are so busy that email is the best form of communication. The time change makes phone calls a little tricky too. That and the fact that they go to bed at 8pm (because they get up at like... 5am).

Anyway. My mom wants me and Kev to set up skype asap. Apparently, when my sister skyped with them over the weekend, the dog got really excited to hear her voice. She ran into my sister's old room and looked for her. Sad, huh? To try to help her, they put the dog in front of the computer to she could see Sophia. The dog can recognize sounds from the TV, so she kept looking at the TV instead of the computer to find my sister.

Poor dog. It's like what Maddie does when I put Kev or Seth on speaker phone. She looks all around for them. It must be hard for dogs to be so smart but still fall a little bit short.

But back to skype. Have you used it? Do you like it? Enlighten me, please.


  1. I probably use Skype once a day, if not more. Not only can you video conference, you can use it like instant messenger. Caleb uses it for work, so he's always on and I can send him a quick (free!) message. And the software is free, so we're constantly skyping my parents and sisters so they can see Wy. We even Skype Caleb so he can see Wy during the day! Caleb uses it at work to make nearly free phone calls. I think the service is like, $2.50 a month. No joke. We love it. :)

  2. I use Skype all the time to talk to Steven when he is in D.C. and I'm in Maine. It works well with a decent internet connection, of which I don't posses, but it's great!


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