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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One for you, one for me.

Kev has two Justys. He bought the blue one in June 2008 and shortly after that he bought a red one. The red one drove better so he used the blue one as a parts car. Which means the blue one has been sitting on the side of the garage for two years. It's a man thing, I guess.

In November, the red Justy was due for registration. As of this month, it still won't pass. So what did Kev do? He bought another car for cheap.

That means we currently have two useless cars in our driveway alongside two functional cars.

Awesome. I live in a junkyard.

I'm hopeful, however, that Kev's purchase of another car translates into me getting a love seat for the living room. Don't question my reasoning. It makes sense doesn't it?

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