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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things that go bump in the night.

I don't have much trouble falling asleep lately, but I do wake up multiple times throughout the night. Which leads to excessive thinking. Which is not good at all.

Mostly I worry about getting the house ready. Like that's really the biggest problem I have right now.

Still, I keep going over the floor plan of our house to figure out how I can rearrange and organize everything so there's room in the second bedroom for an actual baby. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it has been a mess since we closed on the house in April 2008. It has always been the junk room.

I also lay awake thinking about Kev getting a job. He might have an interview lined up for this week or next, but that's not much for me to hold on to. It's better than absolutely nothing, but it's still hard to hang my hopes on "might."

Add to all that conscious thinking the un/subconscious thinking, i.e. my dreams. I dream so vividly that I don't feel rested in the mornings. I have such terrible nightmares that I wake up in a sweat. Isn't horrible to wake up from a nightmare that lingers in your mind?

Out of all the things that I battle during the night though, taking a pee on a freezing toilet seat at 3am just might be the worst. It's hard to recover from that.

All problems aside, Kev did give me an amazing gift this week. I came home from work on Monday night to a feeling that the house was different. I walked down the hall and noticed that the dresser he bought at auction was no longer sitting in the hallway. I looked in the second bedroom to see that Kev had rearranged items and cleaned things up a bit. I was amazed. Now that I can see the floor again, it's less daunting to imagine the room coming together. Now it's all about taking a few boxes downstairs, taking a few things to D.I. and moving shelves from the second bedroom to the kitchen. It's going to come together, and I can see that now that Kev put a few hours' work into it.

Do you know what this means? It means that in a few weeks I can sit on the freezing toilet for my midnight pee and look across the hall into an organized room that's ready for my pilates buddy. That should make it easier to recover.


  1. It's crazy how mom worries start the second you get pregnant and pretty much never stop. That is sweet of Kevin to put that work into the house. I am always a phone call away, if you need my help on a Saturday or whenever. It's weird how it all will just come together in the end, and I promise it will.

  2. Good luck with getting the house ready, I hope everything works out and you can figure out places for everything to go. And unfortunately the peeing thing at night just gets worst the further along you are but it sounds even worst for you because of the cold toliet seat, that would definitely be hard to recover from.

  3. yayyy! what a nice hubby :] i hope he gets a job soon! and seriously, let me know when i can come help! love you♥


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