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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Typical of our relationship.

Kev and I usually do our taxes together on Valentine's Day. It isn't a holiday we usually celebrate anyway, so it's kind of our gift to ourselves in lieu of flowers/cards, dinner/movie. Who doesn't like to get a bunch of money for V-day? Or any holiday for that matter?

This year we just got really behind. First of all, V-day was on a Sunday, and taxes just don't seem like a very Sabbath appropriate activity. Then I just kept putting it off. Even though we finally had all our W-2s and interest documents. I kept putting the date on my calendar though, in pen. And every week I just moved it to the following week.

Last night I came home from a pretty decent day at work. Kev and I walked Maddie, started dinner and gathered up all our tax docs. I sat at the computer and got us started. Then, as is typical, I got distracted with finishing up dinner, taking Maddie to the bathroom, and checking my messages. I ended up reading a lot of info off for Kev to enter into the program. I watched hopefully as the return fluctuated up up up then waaaaaaaaay down. We finally got that straightened out and Kev completed the returns while I laid on the twin mattress we have on the floor of the computer room/second bedroom/nursery/library/room-that-shall-not-be-named.

That's usually how things go around here. I start a project and then hand it off to poor Kev while I lay down or just move on to something else he can finish for me later.

Thanks for picking up my slack Kev. I'll make sure that a little bit of that tax return goes toward a fun overnight for us in SLC and some outlet shopping. You can make sure the rest of it goes to Seth for new windows in the Pink House.

Hallelujah for finally getting those taxes done. It's a huge weight off my shoulders. And it means I have "permission" to plan a getaway for my birthday next month. Woo!


  1. I did my taxes on V-day was the year Jeff and I were dating and I was so excited to have a boyfriend on V-day!! Ya...well then he called me and asked if it would be ok if we didn't do anything because he didn't "feel good". I said yes because what else was I supposed to say? I went and bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food ice cream and ate the whole thing and did my taxes with my friend Erin...good thing Jeff asked me to marry him the next month :)

  2. Sounds like a perfect system, and a perfect way to spend the money! :)

    PS, I've been meaning to ask or see if you know about the promotion Gap is doing. Bring in your old demin and get 30% off of theirs! Sweet! Doesn't work at the Outlets however, but still. 30% and you get to clean out your closets. Thought of you when I saw the ad...


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