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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Week 19

I had a good chat with two girls from my WSU Pilates class this week about pregnancy and Pilates. My doctor and I discussed my options during my first visit. I informed him that I'm an instructor and that I would like to continue teaching and practicing for as long as possible. Based on his evaluation of my health and my comfort levels, I was given the green light to do Pilates for as long as I'd like. The size of my belly will limit what I'm able to do, but I do still feel fantastic after a practice. It's nice to share that with my class members- whether or not they are planning to do Pilates during their own pregnancies. I just want women to be aware that pregnancy does not have to prevent exercise unless it's a risk determined by a doctor. Our bodies are amazing for so many reasons, and I'm so glad to be healthy enough to keep up with my current regime.

Not only for the health reasons, but also for my vanity. I made Kev feel my abs this week and tell me how awesome they are despite the growing bump. I was able to make out 2 really defined abs as well as 2 little abs before everything melts into the bump. So help me, even if my abdomen separates at some point during this experience, I will do my best to maintain some sort of muscle integrity overall.

Despite my dedication to keeping fit, I still lack energy. On my drives to and from work, I find myself zoning out so intently that I'm surprised when I arrive at my destination. Also, I still can't concentrate even if my life depended on it. I was almost to my car one night when I realized I'd left my purse in a drawer at one of the gyms where I teach. My head is not on straight. Would it be so wrong if I just stayed home all day with Maddie and ate mint chocolate chip ice cream for a little while? Just until I get my bearings back and can fill up my depleted energy reserves... I'd also like to stay inside until my pregnancy blemishes are gone. So, give me four months please.

I've been reading The Ensign while eating breakfast in the mornings and the article on the last page was lovely to me. I'm confident that Kev is going to be a sensitive, involved, loving and fun dad. I love reading articles about parents and knowing that Kev will be just as note-worthy.

He makes the greatest faces that get so many reactions from the kids we get to visit with at church each week. He loves to snuggle with Maddie and he'll almost always get out of bed and take her to the bathroom when I ask him to so I can stay under the covers a minute more. He apologizes if he drinks the last of the milk or OJ like he doesn't deserve to do so! I think his selfless attitude will go so well with parenthood. And he has already promised to have daddy-daughter dates with our little pilates buddy.

I didn't have the best dad while growing up, but I do remember special moments that aren't tainted. Although I don't know if my dad thinks of me and my siblings as treasures, I try not to let that ruin my memories of daddy-daughter dances, of the time I needed to pee when I was really little and my dad came out of the bathroom, patted me on the head and said "it's your turn," of being chased around the house by the blanket monster while my younger brother and I screamed ourselves silly, of any happy memory associated with him in my childhood. It's unfortunate that the bad outweighs the good, but I'm grateful for the little bit I do have.

Kev is going to be a wonderful dad. I have no doubt that the good will outweigh the bad in the memories of our children. He never raises his voice to me or loses his patience with me. He offers me guidance in kind tones and with a reverent attitude (like when I wanted to talk during Sacrament meeting about taking a trip for my birthday and he didn't think it was the appropriate time to discuss such things).

I think seeing Kev be a dad is the number one reason I'm looking forward to my pilates buddy getting here. I want to see him holding that little girl and falling madly in love with her. When they meet for the first time, I think it'll be the best day of my life.


  1. I hereby testify that wonderful husbands holding their tiny daughters is the most beautiful sight in the world.

    Also, look at that tummy! You look so great! Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Thanks for making me almost cry this morning. This was a sweet blog. Kev will make a sweet dad. I'm so happy for you and Kev. You look fabulous. You look pregnant in this picture (which is a good thing). It's so cute. At pilates you don't, but I assume that is because your pilates buddy knows to get out of the way as much as possible for you. You are almost to the half way mark too. How exciting.

  3. That was such a sweet post! Kev will be such a great dad, and you will be a wonderful mom!

  4. I think it's awesome that you're continuing with the Pilates. I took a ballet class while I was pregnant with my second child and it was one of my best while-pregnant activities.

    Of course, Pilates wasn't available to the general public back then, only 12 years ago.

  5. I can't believe your pregnant.... it's a good surprise! You look so cute too. Wow another adventure begins can't wait to read about it.


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