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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 20

I am grateful for experiencing only three headaches so far during this pregnancy.

I am grateful to feel the baby bubbling around each day. I like to tell Kev and see him smile at the thought.

I am grateful I am healthy overall and can continue exercising (and eating what I like!).

I am grateful I get an ultrasound each time I visit my dr.

I am grateful to have Kev through this.

I am grateful my parents are coming in August to meet my pilates buddy.

I am grateful to have employment with insurance.

I am grateful Kev gets our Pink House in order more and more each month and works on my car for free.

I am grateful the bloody noses stopped (hopefully bleeding gums will stop soon too!).

I am grateful Maddie loves loves loves babies.

I am grateful I have skin, even if it is covered with pregnancy acne.

(ok, that last one is a huge stretch as I am inclined to cry every time I look in the mirror and see my once-manageable skin breaking out yet again. Any suggestions besides scraping it off and starting fresh?)


  1. I dont know if you knew this or maybe read it in a pregnancy book but there's such a thing called pregnancy gingivitis. So make sure your brushing your teeth 2x day for 2 minutes, using small little circles at a 45 degree angle so its massaging your gums and floss once a day if you can. You gums might be sore but they should get better with time. Sorry sometimes I just cant help but give me dental hygiene advice :) guess it makes me feel good like Im using my education.

  2. isn't it ridiculous how much pregnancy affects us? my skin was fine until AFTER i nursed him. from mid-dec until just two weeks ago it was like i was back in junior high! i finally just got a system from clean and clear or something. neutrogena makes one too (both at target). i don't know if you can use them during pregnancy...maybe ask your doc? hormones are just crazy stuff.

  3. 20 weeks already! I think it was around that time that Scotty actually felt our baby kick. So maybe Kev will feel her soon! It's a pretty awesome thing :) And 3 headaches? Thats GREAT! I had a migraine like 3 times a week, it was awful. But it's ok- you're going to feel great really soon with lots of energy! And then all of that will die at like 33 weeks again haha!


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