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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Boys and girls definitely don't think alike.

One day at work, I volunteered the use of Kev's dolly to my coworker, Todd. I couldn't get Kev on the phone, so I was getting my house key and alarm buttons off my key ring to give to Todd. He was amazed that I have a remote for my house alarm.

Our other co-worker, Bryant, asked why I have a house alarm if I have a dog. I told Bryant that I got the dog because what I really wanted was a baby.

So then Bryant asks me what I'm going to do with my dog once I have a real baby. I looked at Bryant and told him duh, they're going to be sisters. One baby plus one baby equals two babies.

I don't think he understood my logic.


  1. Well YAH duh!!! Guys are so stupid!

  2. In Bryant's defense, it was a fair question. I know WAY too many women who simply abandoned their (expensive, designer) pets once the precious baby came along.

    I'm not ashamed to say I actively hate women like that. And I'm very glad you're not one of them! :)


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