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Monday, April 19, 2010

Can I get an "amen?!"

Friday. Oh Friday.

It has the potential to be one of the best days of the work week. It rolls around after 4 whole days of crazy-insane-business and promises sweet relief at 5pm. That is when I can pack up my desk, turn off my computer, lock up the office and skip away into the spring sunshine to the weekend that awaits.

Last Friday I had high hopes. I found myself about an hour shy of quitting time when a client came in with a significant other.

There was some hemming and hawing and general unpleasantness. I sat at my desk and allowed the clients to swear and be passive-aggressive with me. The person with whom these clients needed to speak had already left the office for the day, but had provided the clients with necessary information via email. Being displeased with that information, they came into the office to discuss the information further.

Never fear, I did what I could. I reiterated the statements in their email. I confirmed that we were doing all we could to research their situation.

Never fear, those clients told me that they aren't mad at me because I'm just the clerk. They're just mad in general.

Why does being told I'm just the clerk upset me so much? I know my position. I am the front desk. I field the phone calls. I sort the emails. I get the mail. I handle clients as much as possible before determining if someone else in the office can better help them. Technically, I am a clerk.

I think it's the way I was told that I'm just the clerk. The clients were implying that I'm too stupid to help them because I'm just the clerk.

I can guarantee that I have more education my 26 years than the two of them combined.

I am not just the clerk. I am a PERSON. And although I may have more education than them, I don't talk to them in such a way to make them feel inferior to me, despite their clear motives to do so to me on Friday afternoon. Regardless of how I view them as clients, I still treat them like PEOPLE.

Thankfully, they left after about half an hour of our back-and-forth game. And then it was the weekend. I definitely deserved it after being told I'm just a clerk.

The aforementioned clients revisited the office today and gave a migraine as an excuse for being rude. Guess what. I have pregnancy that I could easily use as an excuse to be rude (which a client has actually used on me multiple times) but I still don't talk down to you. I get so annoyed when people make themselves into victims and use that as an excuse to be horrible.


  1. i hate that "just a clerk" secretary, assistant etc. crap. In so many of my previous positions, I did just as much work as those I was assisting. People are ignorant, and I'm sorry you have to deal with so many of them! Hope you had a great weekend, despite the crap.

  2. people are stupid. josh has to deal with a lot of people yelling at him and getting mad at the company and swearing and all sorts of fun things. i'm sorry, people really should be more considerate. as josh says, everyone in the world today just feels too entitled. i think thats true.

  3. Ugh, I've been told that before. Seriously, I think the clerk/receptionist/secretary/operator/mail filer/nice-when-you-want-to-be-mean/front desk person does more work than anyone else in the office. So the word "just" should never be used to describe them.

  4. I've gotten that too. All I can say is, WHAT FREAKING IDIOTS. They know nothing.


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